Asbestos Exposure – Wrongful Death – Voluntary Dismissal

Asbestos Exposure –  Wrongful Death – Voluntary Dismissal

Attorneys Paul Rainville and John Girouard successfully argued to have a client dismissed from a potentially costly wrongful death / asbestos exposure case. Our client, owner of a successful family business, was named as one of many defendants in a wrongful death case pending in the Multi-District Litigation session in Middlesex Superior Court. The plaintiff’s estate alleged that the plaintiff decedent had been exposed to asbestos-laden products manufactured and/or distributed by the defendant’s company and, as a result, died from mesothelioma. After thorough examination of the defendant’s business records and additional historical and public records, Attorneys Rainville and Girouard discovered that a similarly-named business had existed in Massachusetts and that the now defunct business was the likely target defendant. Additional research confirmed that our client had been named in error. After being presented with the records, plaintiff was ultimately forced to agree to voluntarily dismiss the action against our client at an early stage in the case, obviating the need for our client to participate in lengthy and costly motions practice and asbestos litigation.

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