Defense Verdict in Motor Vehicle Case / $2 Million Award Against Co-Defendant

Attorneys David Hassett and Scott Ober successfully obtained a defense verdict following a 9-day jury trial in Plymouth Superior Court.

The action arose from a two-vehicle accident occurring in the early morning hours at an intersection of Route 20 and Greenwood Street in Worcester, MA. The plaintiff, a 20-year old female, was a rear seat passenger in a vehicle operated by her friend, a 17-year old female. The plaintiff brought suit against both the driver of her vehicle and Hassett & Donnelly’s client, the 19-year old driver of the second motor vehicle.

Plaintiff was ejected from the rear window of her vehicle during impact. Plaintiff claimed serious personal injuries including multiple vertebral fractures, humerus fracture, pelvic fractures and a traumatic brain injury. She required multiple surgeries to her arm and pelvis. The plaintiff’s medical bills totaled approximately $300,000. The plaintiff claimed that she was unable to return to work and there was expert testimony alleging the plaintiff had sustained in excess of $900,000 in lost earning capacity as a result of her injuries.

Attorneys Hassett and Ober argued successfully that the defendant was traveling with a green light and within the speed limit at the time. Both plaintiff counsel and co-defendant counsel argued that the defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to apply his brakes, and that he had been turning down his radio prior to the accident.

After several hours, the jury returned with a defense verdict in favor of Hassett & Donnelly’s client. The jury also determined that the co-defendant was negligent and returned with an award of approximately $2,000,000 against the co-defendant driver

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