Favorable Verdict / Dog Bite Action

Dog Bite

Attorney Kelly Petter obtained a favorable verdict following a 2 – day jury trial in New Britain Superior Court in connection with a dog bite action.

The plaintiff alleged that she was visiting the defendants’ home when their dog unexpectedly bit her twice in the genital area.  As a result of the alleged dog bites, the plaintiff claimed she sustained serious injuries including an infection causing an abscess, cellulitis, permanent scarring and disfigurement of her genital tissue.   The plaintiff further claimed that she continues to experience numbness of the scar tissue, as well as anxiety, embarrassment and impeded sexual relations as a result of the scarring and permanent tissue disfigurement.  The plaintiff sought an evaluation with a plastic surgeon with regard to possible cosmetic surgery to correct the scarring and alleged disproportionate shape and size in her genital area following her injuries and treatment. The plaintiff’s plastic surgeon testified at trial. He used several demonstrative exhibits including a scalpel, clamp, ruler and enlarged photographs during his testimony.

Prior to trial, the plaintiff filed an Offer of Compromise in the amount of $150,000 to settle her claims against the defendants.  The defendants filed an Offer of Compromise in the amount of $20,000.  Plaintiff rejected the defendant’s offer and subsequent settlement discussions proved to be unsuccessful.  The parties proceeded to trial before a jury.

During the trial, Attorney Petter argued that the plaintiff’s medical treatment had been minimal and that the plaintiff had incurred just over $3000.00 in medical bills.  Further, Attorney Petter argued that plaintiff’s claim for future plastic surgery was not warranted as the scarring and disfigurement were not as extensive or noticeable as the plaintiff alleged.  Attorney Petter also argued that plaintiff’s counsel had failed to prove that the plaintiff’s cellulitis and abscess were causally related to the alleged dog bites, had failed to show that the dog’s teeth had actually penetrated the material of the plaintiff’s pants, and failed to prove that plaintiff suffered any significant ongoing medical or emotional issues as a result of the alleged dog bite.

The jury deliberated for 2 hours and 50 minutes and returned with a verdict for the plaintiff in the amount of $4,081.44.

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