Defense Verdict in Backyard Trampoline Case

Trampoline Expert Refuted

Attorneys David Hassett and Sarah Christie obtained a defense verdict in Middlesex Superior Court on behalf of defendant homeowners in case involving an alleged backyard trampoline accident. The 19-year old plaintiff claimed he sustained a broken nose and facial injuries while jumping on a backyard trampoline owned by the defendants. He contended that the defendants did not properly maintain the trampoline, provide adequate lighting, or supervise the plaintiff.

The defendants asserted that the trampoline was an open and obvious condition and that plaintiff was aware of the danger in using it. They further maintained that plaintiff was repeatedly vaulting himself off the trampoline to the ground and that he had consumed alcoholic beverages, as he had admitted in the deposition. The plaintiff’s liability expert testified that the defendants failed to properly maintain the trampoline insofar as it was stored outdoors, resulting in its poor condition. He also testified that the defendants failed to prevent access to the trampoline and failed to supervise the plaintiff.

At trial, Hassett and Christie discredited the plaintiff’s expert on cross-examination. The jury returned with a verdict in favor of the defendants.


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