Defense Verdict / Slip and Fall on Exterior Stairway


Attorney Paul Rainville successfully obtained a defense verdict in a recent jury trial arising from an alleged slip and fall on exterior stairs. The plaintiff, a tenant on the property, alleged that she was exiting the property and slipped on the first of two steps leading out of her apartment. The plaintiff alleged the defendant property owner did not adequately shovel or treat the walkway or stairs prior to her fall.

The plaintiff alleged a severe right wrist sprain and back injuries as a result of the fall. Treatment for the wrist included multiple cortisone shots and a lengthy course of chiropractic treatment for her back injuries. Further, the plaintiff, a hairdresser, alleged lost wages as a direct result of her injuries.

Attorney Rainville argued that the defendant had hired someone to shovel the subject area prior to the plaintiff’s fall and submitted photographs taken immediately after the fall to support same. Further, Attorney Rainville argued that the plaintiff had been served eviction papers around the time of the alleged fall, and that the plaintiff’s boyfriend had made threatening phone calls to the property owner following the plaintiff’s fall.

The jury deliberated for approximately 40 minutes and returned with a verdict in favor of the defendant property owner.

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